Helping new crypto traders understand the risks

When it comes to crypto, there are lots of mistakes beginners can make. OKX, along with Maestro set out to educate a growing number of traders on some of the early signs of risk, and how to mitigate.

This video helped set the stage for some self-directed learning for new users of the OKX platform. Using stylized sets, and relatable characters, we get an inside look into the ups and downs that come with trading crypto.


  • Director
  • Photographer
  • Editor


  • 1 live action video with motion graphics

Watch the finished video from this project.

Project Credits

Client OKX

Strategist Kathleen Matyas
Director Thomas Wrench
Producer Marion Jamet
Writers Marion Jamet and Thomas Wrench

DP Tyler Appel
Editor Thomas Wrench
Animation Tim Sparks