Helping model the right behavior for Team Leaders within Target

Maestro and Target teamed up to help train the next generation of Team Leaders within their stores on how to model their guest interactions. We show an array of scenarios where Team Leaders connect with their Team Members and not just teach, but show how to interact with the guest.

Using fun transitions, we show how each leader needs to tweak their approach based on their team. We also developed an animated video that integrated photography and typography to build excitement for the course.


  • Director
  • Photographer
  • Editor


  • 5 live action videos
  • 3 motion design videos

Watch the highlight reel from this project.

Project Credits

Client Target

Strategist Kathleen Matyas
Director Thomas Wrench
Producers Marion Jamet and Danielle Firoozi
Writer Marion Jamet

DP Nik Pilecki
Editor Thomas Wrench
Nik Pilecki
Tim Sparks