How do you reach more students with a relevant message when you can’t present in the classroom?

The Kalamazoo Valley Accelerated Associate’s Program had just that problem. Their biggest recruitment tool was in-class visits, so students could get a feel for their personalities and the tone of the program.

With classroom limited visits, we needed to find a way to explain what this new program was, who it was right for, and highlight the people behind it.


  • Writing
  • Art/Set Decoration
  • Production
  • Motion Design
  • Editing


  • 1 full 10-min overview
  • 60 second social cut
  • Photo gallery

Watch the full length video from this project.

Project Credits

Client Kalamazoo Valley Community College

Director Thomas Wrench
Producer Thomas Wrench
Writers Thomas Wrench, Louis Thomas

DP Jared Hutchinson
Grip/AC Tim Sparks
Art Amy O’Donnell
Editor Thomas Wrench
Animator Tommy Grill