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We are Cougars.

Introduce the concept of these shoots and my role.

This Moment

Before this moment. When it starts. We find it. A new day. A new tradition.
Hard work. Slam it down. Set it up. Pick it. Sprint it. Drop. Jump. Get some.

Will. We know it lives within. 
Its deliberate. With control. Obedient. 

What was, no longer is. Its past. Its gone. Its done.
We stay on the court, we finish what we start. 
It ain’t about tomorrow, we got today, its all we need.

Toe the line. Break out. Cross it. Pass it. Touch. Finish. Fly.
Our game. Made new.
The will within. 
No doubt. Take charge. Lead. I will.

This moment. We earned it. We’re Cougars
Together. Unbreakable. Undeniable. Still.
We will.


This is our time.