Bear Grylls Audition

This was an audition tape made for Bear Grylls’ new survival reality show.

Both Darrell and Scott both do cross training, Iron Man, Triathlons, and adventure racing together, and so the concept of the audition pieces was to show them together, working out and training, and have them attempt to sell their story at the same time. This allowed them to come across as natural, family-oriented, capable, and most of all—interesting.

We received a call back from the Producers of the show, saying they were interested in taking Darrell into a second round—and they said the video was what caught their attention.

But they wanted to see a husband and wife combination, so we set out to film Darrell and his wife Evelyn.

We attempted to show in this video, the eclectic and humorous pairing of these two as they made a cup of french press coffee.

Unfortunately, Darrell and Evelyn were not selected to advance further, but nonetheless, we had a blast being recognized by some LA producers.